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Schools Sessions at The Gordon Highlanders Museum

If you are thinking of planning a school trip for your students, consider a visit to The Gordon Highlanders Museum.

Our museum based sessions are designed to be extremely hands-on and can aid students in their understanding of life during wartime, as well as providing them with insight into the experiences of military personnel. During our sessions students watch and listen to a short introductory film, are supported in writing and drawing in their own work booklets, visit interesting exhibits, and are able to touch or try on items from our handling collection. 

Our education room has recently been upgraded and now houses a fully integrated presentation screen and audio system. This room also includes hands-on features such as a periscope with imagery, a Morse code signal lamp, a wall adapted to look like the inside of a First World War trench and dugout, original uniforms for students to try on, a scale miniature of a trench system and so much more!

Your stay can be extended either by selecting extra time in the museum, or back at school simply by downloading our Free museum App to your tablets or smartphones. Snack and lunch breaks can be included upon request and students are able to bring along 'pocket money' to visit our shop.

Our sessions are also very affordable, we charge a flat rate fee of £60 per class and based on your school’s proximity to the museum, we may be able to offer a travel grant. Our grants range in value up to a maximum of £200 and may be put towards helping your school cover the cost of transport to and from the museum. These grants have become possible following recent funding from The Friends of The Gordon Highlanders Museum, registered charity number SC031352.

We are also able to encourage further learning post-visit by providing students with Great War Tapestry 'Kits'. These kits feature an information guide about the tapestry, a stitch guide and a panel on which to practise stitching. Teachers can find ideas and support for lessons including the Great War Tapestry on Abernet.

If you are interested in the prospect of visiting the museum, or would like to find out more, please contact the Learning Officer, Lewis Gibbon (Monday - Wednesday) via email:, or via phone: 01224 498922. Alternatively please contact the museum via email:, or via phone: 01224 311200.

Our Education Room