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Family History

Do you have a family history enquiry relating to The Gordon Highlanders?

Here at the Museum, we have an archive relating to the history of the Regiment. War diaries, letters, poems, soldiers' diaries, scrapbooks and photo-albums are among the rich store of primary source materials available to you.

A team of experienced volunteer researchers is available to assist you with your enquiry. However, before you submit your enquiry we recommend that you visit the rest of the pages in the menu to the left and then send your request by email to or in writing to the Museum.

There is normally a £30 fee charged for a basic enquiry. No money should be paid in advance.

The specific fee for any enquiry is dependent of how much information we hold on the enquired subject. The fee for any research enquiry is therefore, assessed on a case by case basis. For example, if we find that we do not hold any information on the enquired subject you will be informed and no money will be charged. However, for enquiries where we can make a positive reply then, the specific charge will be notified to you by one of the Research Volunteers. They will also intimate to you the methods by which you can pay. If you choose not to pay the fee, your enquiry will end and no information will be provided.

In a small number of cases we may only have a limited amount of information and we may consider the basic enquiry fee of £30 cannot be justified. In these situations a reduced charge is applied or a donation requested. It should be appreciated that the Research Enquiry Team have to carry out some investigation work for every enquiry and even if your enquiry yields no information then a donation may still be appropriate. If this is requested your support would be appreciated. (Please also be aware that the Museum is independently financed and receives no external core funding. All of the money generated by the research service (excluding the 20% VAT element) goes to Museum to perpetuate the history and traditions of the Regiment and the memory of the men who served).

The information provided to you is generally covered by the Museum’s copyright and is provided for personal family use only. If you wish to use any of our material for publicity purposes or for use in a publication of any kind, please put your request in writing to the Executive Director at the address below.

Please be aware that due to the volume of enquiries the Museum receives it may take up to 10 weeks for your enquiry to be processed. However, please be assured we do aim to answer your enquiries as expeditiously as possible. It is helpful therefore, if you do not request progress reports or submit duplicate enquiries. This just increases the delay.

The address for written enquiries:

The Research Enquiry Team
The Gordon Highlanders Museum
St Luke’s
Viewfield Road
AB15 7XH

email enquiries:

Before submitting your enquiry: It is recommended that you consult the Research pages on our website: There are helpful links, etc there.