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Children dress up in uniforms

Activities for Children

The Gordon Highlanders Museum offers a range of fun, engaging activities for kids and their families. The Museum is for children and grown-ups alike; everyone is encouraged to enjoy and appreciate our collection and displays.

When children come to visit with their families, they can:

Visit 'Camo Corner' within our main exhibition space. This area allows children to try on 4 different uniforms in front changing landscapes behind them. 

Use our FREE museum App to play games and find out more information. 

Read 'Travel Through Time With Bydandy' our own comic telling the story of Bydandy. Where is Bydandy from? Why is Bydandy magical? How can he bend the space/time continuum? Find the answers to all these questions and more by reading this exciting adventure.

Touch items from our handling collection which are placed throughout the musuem. For 2017, many of these items relate to our temporary exhibition 'Citizen Soldiers'. 

Complete the 'Tunic Trail', 'Bydandy Quiz' and 'Bydandy Picture Game' as they venture around the museum. 

Visit our cafe, select a number of yummy options from our children's menu and use their artistic skills to colour in Bydandy colouring sheets.

Get some fresh air in our lovely musuem gardens. 

And more!

Check out our What’s On for family friendly activities.

The FREE Gordon Highlanders Museum APP

Download our new App to learn even more during your visit!

Our new App is a great introduction to the museum and offers an extremely informative digital tour to compliment any visit.

Children will find games and activites and adults can access additonaly information about a number of areas.


How to download our free App

To access the service, you will require a tablet or smartphone. If you wish to listen to audio, you will need headphones. Bluetooth will need to be switched on.

Step 1: Access a Wi-Fi Network (there is free WIFI available in the museum).

Step 2: Click on the Apple ‘App Store’ icon on your home screen or click on the ‘Google Play’ store icon on your home screen.

Step 3: Type ‘Gordon Highlanders’ into the search feature.

Step 4: Select the App and proceed with a download.


How to navigate through the digital tour within the App

You will need to be within the museum in order for this tour to function correctly. 

1.    Click on ‘Digital Tour’. Throughout the process you will have to select the titles you want to view by clicking on them like this; information will not simply ‘pop up’.

2.    As you approach an area within the museum, the closest beacon’s information will appear at the top of your screen. The beacons work on proximity.

3.    Click on the title displayed to access content which will be relevant to the display cases you are near to, or the room you have entered.

4.    Slide through various titles listed. Click on the one you wish to view.

5.    Explore each title; some have embedded games or videos, whilst others open in separate internet browsers or documents.

6.    Certain titles have audio and these can only be heard when using headphones.

7.    Once you leave an area and approach another, the next title will be at the top of your screen for you to click on.

8.    The museum can be explored in any order and the gardens, shop and tea room are represented; both the menu and offers can be viewed.