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Travel Through Time With Bydandy!

The Gordon Highlanders Museum would like to present the newest member to the team. BYDANDY!

Bydandy is not just any Gordon Highlander; he is a magical stag that can explore the history of The Gordon Highlanders like no other! Bydandy has inherited special powers through a family heirloom enabling Bydandy to travel through the 200 year history of The Gordon Highlanders. With his chum, Pipes, he explores and goes on many adventures. With his ability to bend the space/time continuum, Bydandy has the powers to discover history first hand and pass this information onto you!

Bydandy has his very own comic! When children come to visit with their families, they can: Travel Through Time With Bydandy is a very special comic telling the story of Bydandy. Where is Bydandy from? Why is Bydandy magical? How can he bend the space/time continuum? Find out the answers to all these questions and more by reading this exciting adventure which can be found within our main exhibition room.

Bydandy also features in our FREE museum App, available to download now!