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The Gordon Highlanders Museum

Access Policy

Mission Statement

To preserve, and make accessible, the heritage of The Gordon Highlanders for the benefit of the people of North East of Scotland and beyond

Vision Statement

The Gordon Highlanders Museum is committed to delivering high quality exhibitions, events and learning opportunities for a broad range of people. Through the provision of accessible exhibitions, interpretation material, guided tours, workshops, special events and outreach, the Museum aims to inform, educate and inspire both young and old about the history of the Regiment and its place within local, national and world history.


The Gordon Highlanders Museum recognises that our visitors, staff and volunteers wish to interact and engage with our museum and the collection in the way that best suits them.

We aim to reduce or remove all barriers including physical, cultural, social, financial and intellectual, barriers to provide access to all, at all levels.

Accessibility extends to our staff, volunteers and visitors.

The following forms of accessibility shall be considered as part of this policy:


To reduce physical and sensory barriers to make our buildings and displays more accessible.  To take into account the needs of the elderly and of people caring for young people.


To address cultural and linguistic barriers, so that all visitors feel valued, welcomed and respected whatever their social and ethnic background.


When reviewing our charges we will take into account that ability to pay can be a barrier to access.


To address intellectual barriers, in order to engage all our visitors, providing experiences which are challenging and understandable.  We will consider different educational experiences, learning styles and ways of understanding for users of all ages.

Open to all

We want to ensure all visitors can engage with the museum. We are committed to this on a long term basis and will work hard to continually move towards this ultimate aim.


We aim to provide equal access to our buildings and facilities for all visitors. However we will need to take into account the listed building status we enjoy and therefore it should be remembered that some physical alterations will not be possible. Nevertheless as far as is practicable and reasonable we will ensure that our buildings are as accessible as possible.


We aim to provide various means of access to the collection, including displays, handling, publications, events and virtually via online and other technological means.

The Curator, when interpreting the collection will ensure wide accessibility taking into account our visitors differing requirements and learning styles. 


Essentially a learning establishment, the museum will aim to provide a range of learning opportunities for its visitors. These will include educational programmes supporting the school’s curriculum, as well as a variety of learning and knowledge gathering possibilities aimed at all ages and abilities.

We will constantly review our learning provision to ensure that it meets both the requirements and the expectations of our visitors.


Our staff and volunteers will assist and welcome all visitors. They will be available throughout the museum to support and help visitors understand and enjoy the collection and will be easily identifiable.

We will consider the needs of all our visitors and will offer, where possible, accessible toilets, baby changing facilities, access for pushchairs and wheelchairs, on-site wheelchairs and seating throughout the museum.

We will aim to provide appropriate signage and navigation tools to suit a range of audiences, including a range of sensory formats and languages.


We understand that the museum must communicate appropriately both internally and externally.

We aim to promote the museums’ activities and events using accessible communication tools providing alternative formats, upon request, for a range of needs and languages.

We will constantly review our communication provision to ensure that it meets both the requirements and the expectations of our visitors, staff and volunteers.


This policy should be reviewed every 3 years in line with the museums policy review process

Approved by The Gordon Highlanders Regimental Trust: 11th March 2016

Next Review Date: March 2019